Flocking THROUGHOUT in Windsor, The Home Counties and Beyond

On top of a wide variety of kitchen, furniture, and exhibition work, Spraytech Paint Services also provides a professional and creative flocking service. Naturally, this adheres to the same high standards applied to all of our spray painting services. Quality and reliability are guaranteed when you choose us in Windsor or anywhere in the Home Counties.

A Wide Range of Applications

Almost any surface or object can be flocked, creating a unique feel and effect. It can even insulate an object against sound, stop it from slipping, and provide extra and durability. Examples of fields that use flocking include;

  • Displays
  • Architecture
  • Car Interiors

And many more – we’d love to discuss your imaginative suggestions. As a leading professional paint sprayer, there’s a strong chance that we can manage it.


Meet the Flockers

Why not pop along to the Spraytech Paint Services workshop and find out all about our flocking services from our friendly team of experts? Our professional staff would love to meet you and can sometimes make time for you outside of regular office hours, including on weekends. This is particularly useful for business owners.

Velvet, Vibrant and Visual

Flocking creates a dense, permanent and vibrant visual effect by adhering substrates to create a smooth, textured finish. This is easy to clean, durable, and long-lasting. Contact us to find out more.

For all enquiries, call Paul or Adam on or email PAUL@SPRAYTECHLTD.COM today